Thursday, May 6, 2010

Making your avatar part of art works at Art Box

A King and Queen's life can't be all work. Llola and I thought we should investigate a little Art and Culture on one of our days off. So as you can see we are now part of several works of art, courtesy of the Art Box.

Frankie Rockett the owner of the Art Box describes it as "... fully recreating famous photo's & paintings in 3D so your Avatar can star. Photograph your own recreation - you become both the artist and the art!"

It certainly was fun, even if random avatars wandered into shot or changed the scene before you had finished composing it. The installation reserves the scene you have chosen for 3 minutes, so you have to be fairly quick to choose which of the provided props you are going to use.

The available scenes are varied. So you can now enjoy 'Ozland Gothic', 'Sven, Paul, Ringo and Llola at Abbey Road', 'Homer and Marge Pertelson' , 'Sven - a construction safety inspection', 'Attack of the 50ft Llola' and even an 'Homage to Keith Haring'.

SLURL for Art Box

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mouse World (Sadly now closed down)

Llola and I put on our best tourist clothes and  Mouse Ears and visited Mouse World for you. If you always wanted to visit one of Uncle Walt's Theme Parks as a child but never had the chance then Mouse World gives you a good feel for what you might have seen back then.

  Mouse World Park in Second Life has closed down :(

The staff there wear costumes and act in character. There are rides, games, films to watch and themed shops to explore. They do have parades and other events but you need to check  when they are happening.

You may need more than one visit to check everything out, we will be going back soon as Llola wants to beat my score on the shooting gallery.